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Arno live still that?

  • Arno accepted the offer, and for the next two months Bellec trained him in combat. Arno managed to free himself and rushed to help Élise, but was too late as the Sword of Eden exploded, killing Élise and mortally wounding Germain in the process.
  • After more investigations, he discovered that the manuscript was stolen by a young thief named Léon, and while searching the necropolis for him, Arno found out that he had been captured by the raiders for spying on them. Arno undertook another mission with his fellow Assassins and Théroigne de Méricourt, attacking the Jacobins ' headquarters.

Puisqu'il ne faut pas plomber l'ambiance, autant faire rire le public! Il bouffe pô d'un centimètre, mais put Annuler la réponse.

Arno live
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